Thursday, May 26, 2011

Design on a Dime

Whew I accomplished quite a bit today.

And one step at a time I am getting my room back in order, starting with a bed.  

I was very excited when the UPS man came to my door today to deliver my bed frame.

Total cost, $61.38 with the shipping.

I don't have a headboard but that's ok, without a headboard I can switch it around.  

I ordered another print which I am going to put next to that one.  

Many years ago, I bought this cute little wicker and wire stand at a dollar store, I think it was around 7 dollars.

After years of being used and abused and time spent on the porch, it was looking bad.

I decided to take it apart and paint the wicker.

Unfortunately, the screws were rusted.

So I whipped out the WD-40!  After a few sprays and letting it sit for a few, they came right off.

Ready to go.

I cleaned them with a dry paint brush to remove any dust and debris.

I have green paint left over from the trim in my room, and creme from the walls, so in order to keep the theme and waste not, want not, I opted to use it.

I used this for my base coat.  I put two coats on, letting it dry thoroughly in between.

Once dried, I used to creme to give it that distressed look, using a small roller and wiping some off with an old rag.

Once dried, I trimmed some of the stray pieces off, then sprayed it with acrylic clear coat.

Wala, the finished project, a recycled wicker stand ala shabby chic!

I'm not happy with the lamp, but I will find something I like.

One step at a time.

I don't plan on using this as an end table permanently, but it does for now.

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