Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trash to treasure!

I was a woman on a mission today, the problem with small town living is that options are limited.

On my lunch, I went to the Habitat Restore, they did have a beautiful old dresser in the style I am looking for, except it was a little too much for my budget.  I just thought $150 was a bit steep for a dresser that needed refinishing.

I don't mind doing the work, I love doing stuff like that, I just thought considering the work that would be involved it wasn't worth it.

But yeah I am tempted.

Next I went to Goodwill, but they had barely anything in the way of furniture, and what they had was junk.

I had to go back to work, so I had to postpone my search by a few more hours.

After work, I picked up a couple groceries, came home, changed and I was off and running.

Next up, the used furniture store.

They had a beautiful black wrought iron gate, perfect for a headboard...SOLD of course, just my luck.

And although they had a lot of furniture, they didn't have anything that caught my eye.

I next stopped at a little junk shop, the operative word JUNK.

I walked out after a couple minutes.

Next I went to a new shop down the road, and although they had a lot of beautiful things, and I am thinking of going back tomorrow for a little green wooden chair I saw for $15.00, most of the stuff they had was priced way out of my budget.

The lady there tried to sell me a dresser that was sitting outside for $20.00, I said to her, 'The whole front is peeling off.'

'Oh, that's because it got wet.'

Lady, I thought, I wouldn't give you five bucks for that junk.  I want a dresser, not a rot box.

Next I stopped at the Salvation Army, I figured what the heck.

And that's where I found this:

If you click on it, you can see the crackled style paint, and the detail of the roses.

A deal at only $5.99!

I love it, it's so pretty!  So shabby chic!

And it even has a rose topper!

I want to put seed beads around the bottom edge of the lampshade, I will have to dig through my bins of craft supplies and see what I have.

Well, at least my shopping trip wasn't a total waste.

I may drive up to Virginia tomorrow and hit some of the shops up there.

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