Saturday, May 21, 2011

Next step...

The bedroom is empty, just about anyway.

The movers and shakers came last and took the furniture.

So now I have this big empty space, well just about.

The mattress and box spring are mine, paid forever for it, one of those fancy Nautilus jobs that they don't even sell anymore.

It was one of those things that you just keep paying and paying for, and five years later we still owed what it cost originally, so Yankee consolidated some bills and that was one of them.

It was so costly that we couldn't afford a bed to put it on, so we slept with it on the floor for years, in fact, until we split up, Boo moved out and I borrowed her bedroom set.

She now has her bedroom set back, the reason I did the rent to own thingy for my own set, waited for years and years for a decent bedroom set, and now I am back to square one.

But hope is not lost.

I ordered a simple bed frame off of Amazon using the money I received for my text books, so at least my mattress will be off the floor.

This week when I get paid I am ordering the mirror I want.

And I am going to check around yard sales, flea markets, freecycle, craig's list etc, for a decent dresser, even if I have to paint it.

I did find a dresser I like but the lack of funding being what it is, well ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

I am creative and resourceful and I still have money left over on Amazon, but I can't decide what to use it on.

I am using a little wicker and wire cart I bought years ago at a dollar store for a night stand for the time being, it's low enough since the bed is on the floor.

I did have this cart outside on the porch at my previous residence so the wicker is looking a little rough, so having paint left from my walls I am thinking of taking it apart and painting the wicker.

Ah, just a thought, the world is supposed to end today, ROTF, so why worry about it?  LMAO!!!

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