Thursday, May 19, 2011

Decisions, decisions...

In an attempt to get my finances straightened out, I am off to see the WIZARD!!!

No, really, I wish there was a magic answer to financial problems, but alas, there isn't and sometimes you have to sacrifice things to get where you need to be.

As nice as it is to have nice stuff, and as long as I waited to get stuff, well, it's gotta go back.

My bedroom furniture that is.  It's ok, it's really too much furniture for the space, and my mind is stewing and brewing ideas.  I love to decorate, and I am looking at it as another opportunity.

So still going with the French romantic decor, my walls have been painted cream with a creamy teal trim.

My bedding picks up the same color scheme.  And my pictures, many of them dollar store finds.  Ok, all of them.  A touch of pale pink here and there.

I found this mirror, which I am ordering.

I traded my textbooks in on Amazon.  I have more to trade in.  Hopefully it will be enough to get a bed frame.

Ok, I know I have enough for the frame.

I would like some black in my room.  But I can't decide...This?  Or....


I am kind of leaning towards the first one, they are smaller and will fit better, and they have a drawer.

But one thing I am really thinking about is an iron gate headboard.

I'll get it all together...eventually.

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