Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Decorating continued...

Wanting to fancy up the dresser I made a trip to Lowe's hardware and went hunting for wood elements to add to it.  I found this:

I am going to attach it to the top of the dresser where the riser is, but first I had to find a way to attach it.

Breaking out the jigsaw, I cut a small block of wood from a left over 2 x 4, and glued it to the back.  I then used a C-clamp to hold it together and let it dry for a good 24 hours or so.

Then it was time to start painting it.

First coat applied, I moved on to the furniture itself.

This is the top coat paint, paint I had mixed for my walls, and as you can see I have a whole gallon left over.

I applied a coat to the end table.

It needs one more coat, then I can distress it.

And while the paint dries I have lots of other things to do.  I bought some pretties to dress up my lamp shade, but when I went to start on it I realized I was out of Tacky Glue.   I picked some up after work yesterday so now I am ready to go.

And I promised my best friend that I would come over to her house today dragging all my flower arrangement supplies and help/teach her how to make swags and arrangements.

It's gonna be a busy day.

Maybe I will manage to get a coat of paint on the dresser.

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